Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Texas A&M has one of the best christian student body's in the country. That's what I've been told by many people. And last night I saw us all come together.

For the last I'd say year or so I had been praying that the Christian organizations at Texas A&M would become unified and reminded of our one purpose, to Glorify and serve the Lord of Lords. How often do we forget that we are ONE christian body and just because one group of us has a different name than the other, we're still his people.

Anyways, 3 years ago an event called AFTERdark came to A&M and I attended, even though I was still in HS. It was incredible and it just opened my eyes to how great our God is.

Well this semester I got an invite to a Facebook group "Texas A&M AFTERdark" I started FREAKING out. I saw God as weird as it sounds, in that invite. I saw the Admin and I sent him a facebook message, little did I know me and him would become friends and he was our director, Adam Martin. He told me to send Laura Browder a message, who I later found out was the brains behind the student involvement. Anyways needless to say I jumped right in. I ended up knowing Laura's partner, I guess, John Sargent. He worked at camp with Amy Westervelt, my old YL leader. It's truly a small world.
Okay so, I went to the AFTERdark, which I will call AD now, meeting on a Sunday night. I jumped right in and got stuff going. Being from here, I knew businesses that could help us with fundraising. I got on a roll with that and started raising money for it. It was awesome.

That was 2 weeks ago, well fast forward to a week ago this past Sunday. This was our big push to hold signs and get the word out BIG TIME! I focused on AD because it was going to change life. We were up til 2-3AM filling spots and talking and stuff. And I was up at 6:30-7 most mornings for work and sign holding. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.

Monday was our big push, all the shirts were sold, and everyone knew about it, so we hoped. Now we just had to wait. Matt Wertz arrived into town at 11:30, and at 12:30 I was having lunch with him. He's such an amazing guy. It was fun to have lunch with a "famous" person.

I thought time would never pass. But then it all came together. I walked into Reed arena about 7:30PM an hour and a half before AD started.

The stage was set, the lights were set, the production people were meeting, "exec" I guess you would call us, had our seats saved. Everything seemed perfect for the amazing night ahead. Before the doors opened I talked to Jordan Pugh, and Joe White. Both of whom were talking.

I saw it all come together at 9PM when everything started.

Matt played 3 songs then Jordan Pugh came up and gave a short talk. Jordan was great, short and sweet. Then he introduced Joe White, who actually was more introduced by a video of his family. Which was touching. Anyways, he comes up and introduces himself, then starts the drama. He starts off building the Roman Cross that Jesus would die on and is telling the story from the cross builder's perspective. He then uses some videos to show God's love. I don't remember a lot of what he said exactly but I realized how great the Father's love for me was. I sat there crying my eyes out because I was so broken from feeling the Holy Spirit so much. Joe talks about the Father's love and how much we need it, and then he goes on to talk about being a bondservant for the Lord. A bondservant is someone completely sold out for Christ. At the end, some guys hold up the cross and then asks everyone in the room to write down something we need to give to the Lord and bring it to the front to nail it on the cross to symbolize what Christ did for us. In exchange, we received a Gold Chain reminding us that we are chained to Christ and we are his bondservant.

SO MANY people came down, and people gave their life to Christ that night. It was INCREDIBLE. All our hard work paid off I felt like. To see my brothers and sisters give their lives back to Christ was amazing.

Matt Wertz came up and did a concert after everyone went back to their seats, Then eventually everyone left and it was over. Just like that, AD came and went. But as we were typing all the follow ups in the computer, it was cool to see what people made what commitments. People rededicated their lives to be bondservants, and people gave their life to Christ. It was amazing.

I just pray that TAMU was changed and revived and the people that were there would continue to live a life pleasing to the Lord. That's my prayer. I felt like God did amazing things last night and every minute of no sleep, and every hour of holding signs was worth last night.

God is so good. AD was amazing.

Did you go?

I pray that you have a great week.

In His Love,

Joe White recited this and it's so true:

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