Monday, November 16, 2009

Yeah you are...

I'm so tired of people saying, "you are good enough for someone, someone will be lucky to have you."


Why does it seem like I can know everyone, yet have nobody.
Why does it seem like I can be completely surrounded, yet be completely alone and lonely.
Why does it seem like I can't be good enough for anyone these days?

I just hate this feeling. It's like I know everyone but no one wants to hang out with me or truly be my friend.

I know people are like you just need Jesus, but even when I have him I feel like empty and like I have no one and I just can't do that. I just wish people would actually take an interest in me, Kassie, the real me.
I just am sick of fake people, and it seems that's all that goes to A&M. I'm so sick of it. SO SICK.

All the girls around me have guys that will ask them to date parties, and formals and all that crap. I don't. I don't have anyone. NO ONE. I'm lonely and no one takes interest in me.

I'm tired of this.

Yes I'm whining, get over it.

don't post a comment or tell me "things will get better" i'm tired of hearing that bs. I'm tired of the cliche crap.

See what it's like in my life. I could probably name my friend in CS on one hand
I just wanna pack up and move out of this damn town, please?

I'm SO sick of this place, and the people. SO SICK.

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