Friday, November 27, 2009

I forgot.

I think today was something I truly needed, as bad as that sounds.

Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks...for everything.

I have a mom and dad still married, I have a grandma who lives with us, I live at home and it doesn't cost me anything, my grandma has been paying for school, I have siblings, I have amazing friends, and I've experienced a lot in my life that have shaped who I am.

The game came and gone but what happened afterward got me thinking...a lot.

Me and Caitlin went to eat and I invited my friend Aaron, and he came and we started talking. The more I started talking the more I realized that I've experienced a lot in my life that most people haven't ever and would kill to experience. My father being who he is, is a great account to how all that has happened. I've taken a lot of it for granted. Times I've thought my life was "so bad," boy was I wrong. I guess I just thought of most of it as "no big deal." Truly, it is a big deal. I mean I'm so blessed and lucky to live the life I have. Today awakened me to that, and so if I've ever come across cocky or whatever I'm truly sorry. I am going to work on being humble. I guess that's what the Lord is showing me right now. Humility is something we have to have and I am going to work on it. :) Thanks God! :)

Also I briefly shared part of my testimony with Aaron and he told me something along the lines of that's cool you have a testimony like that and you'll be able to share it with people and they'll be able to connect. It's kind of weird to think about. I always thought I didn't have a testimony so it was super encouraging to hear that.

It's nice to see Caitlin for more than an hour this weekend. :) We had fun at the game and it's good to catch up and talk to her just like the good ol' days. It's crazy we're halfway through our sophomore year in college. Who would have thought?

I had an amazing realization tonight of how truly blessed I am and how much I forget it.

I love you guys!

Yours and His,
Kassie :)

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