Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am so blessed.

Mom, why can't I have that outfit, it's only this much money.
Mom, why can't I drive that car.
Mom, why don't we live in Pebble Creek, or Castlegate?

Have you ever asked yourself questions similar to that? Today I've been thinking about what I'm thankful for and blessed to have. I remember growing up, I mean we definitely weren't poor, but we definitely weren't rich either. I dressed nicely, got most of what I wanted, and most importantly: My parents supported me in everything I did.

I was a trainer all through HS and my parents thought that after the first week of spring practice my 8th grade year, which is where we went up to the HS for Spring football practice to see if Athletic Training was what we wanted to do.

Let's back up, I never was a tom boy at all. I started getting my nails done in seventh grade, and loved to dress up. I didn't really own a pair of jeans until like High School, not joking. I was such a girl. Athletic Training is dirty, you are outside in 100 degree plus weather all the time. So my parents thinking that I would quit quickly after wasn't unreasonable. But they didn't tell me that they doubted me until after my like second year in.

Anyways, I completely fell in love with Athletic Training. Freshman year I wasn't officially on Varsity football, and to work the varsity football game you had to get "Freshman Trainer of the Week" which was dumb. Meh. Freshman year wasn't my favorite, but we all have to pay our dues somewhere, right?

But thankfully my freshman year I got put on Girls Soccer for my spring sport. I don't remember how I felt about it at first, but I am so glad I got put on it. It was awesome. I was put with someone, but really it was just me. I did JV and Varsity and traveled etc. I loved it.

Sophomore year rolls around, we get a new Head Trainer and Assistant trainer...They were complete hardasses. That's the only way to describe them. It wasn't what any of us were used to. But it turns out they ended up being awesome.

A lot of people quit, and I was on JV and Varsity my sophomore year and my parents followed me to every away varsity game and supported me through everything. Like it was cool, I wasn't playing but yet they still came to every game and always encouraged me.

Sophomore year they acted like we wouldn't get the sports we liked because they wanted us to gain knowledge in every sport. I was upset I grew to love the Soccer team and really wanted it back, well I did end up getting it back.

Junior year was tough in the beginning but so amazing when I look back on it. I had my wisdom teeth out the week of work week for StuCo back to school and so I couldn't really talk. I'm walking in the hallway doing something, (I remember this distinctively.) Doc Woodall is walking and stops me and says "hey Kassie I have something to tell you." I was like yes ma'am. She was like "We've assigned you to volleyball for the fall." I was excited because my junior year all my good friends were seniors on the volleyball team! I was pumped!

The reality hit me. I was going to have to give up football and do vball. I got super upset. I sat down with my parents and we compared the volleyball schedule to the Varsity football game and guess what? Fridays were the EXACT same as each other. Meaning where vball was fball was too! :) As I look back on it, that was God man. There was just one issue and that was tournaments. I had to miss like 2 games and then one game at Leander, I think was being filmed for the TV show "Friday Night Lights." I told my mom, "Mom I'll be in Pearland but I REALLLLY wanna be at that game." She said, "Okay well we can come to pearland to get you then drive you to Leander. I was like WHOOP. haha. At that moment I realized how much my parents supported me. It was truly remarkable.

Junior year I got put on Softball, which I hated. I mean it wasn't awful but it wasn't amazing either. But my mom and dad came out to a few games. They showed their support always. Most people didn't have this kind of support from their family. It was so awesome to have that.

Junior year is when I was told to apply for Athletic Training at A&M. They I guess wanted me to come be a trainer for them. I thought about it for awhile, but realized at the time I wanted to do Political Science and go become a Politician. So training wasn't on my agenda. My parents supported me in that decision.

Senior year rolls around, and I'm pretty much the most expierenced trainer on the student staff, and I was pumped. Senior semester, graduating in decemeber what could be better? Oh right where is Kassie going to college? If you back up like 6 months I was set on getting the heck out of College Station because I had been here my whole life and I was so sick of being in the shadow of my dad and mom. But let's continue to where we are in the story. God was like "You aren't going anywhere Kass, you are going to A&M." I was like "Oh man, great. I'm going to hate it." Man was I wrong. I, as my mom says "Drank the maroon koolaid." I feel completely in LOVE with Texas A&M University and the people here. :) When I got officially accpeted to A&M my parents were so proud of me. As proud of me as they were when I was born. My mom scanned in my acceptance letter and emailed it out. Haha. :)

I am so BLESSED for loving parents who support me through thick and thin. They are truly always in my corner. They love me and stride to teach me so much. I love them so much.

The song "Butterfly Kisses" was playing earlier and it got me thinking. :)

I'm blessed.
I'm loved.
I'm alive.
I'm thankful.

This was my wonderful Wednesday post.

Love you guys!

Kassie :)

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