Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanks for the call.

This weekend was not what I expected at all. Maybe that's a good thing? But no not really.

Friday I worked until 11AM. Went to the doctor for my stupid ear (I'm so ready to be completely healed from surgery in MARCH...ugh) I go in and he's like yeah we need to cut open part of year to relieve some pressure..."Oh awesome." So he numbs my ear and cuts it open. That night I was in a lot of pain. A LOT.

After that I run errands all day, then surprise at 2:12PM on Friday I get a text message....from Brad. I had to look at it about 20 times to make sure it was really from him. Anyways we text and he was coming to town that night and of course I wanted to see him since it had been forever. Well it won't be til late, which is fine anyways because I have numerous ring dunks anyways. Well I go to two ring dunks with Catie and it was super fun! :) Well I come home about 12:15 to nap until I hear from Brad. So I hear from him about 2:30/3ish in the morning.

We end up meeting up around 3:30...and as he drove up we both had the biggggest smiles on our faces. I didn't let go of him for like an hour. It was amazing. :)

We spend the next like 7 hours together, talking and catching was amazing. I miss him so much. I don't know where we stand, or anything but he means a lot to me. I was so incredibly happy to see him Friday night! It was the best night ever. :)

Well I sleep pretty much all day Saturday, since I didn't sleep the night before. I woke up about 3:30 to get ready for date party! :) :)

It was 20s themed and it was fun. I had a great group.

I'll post pictures tomorrow or something..maybe.

It was a good time. I went to the hall afterwards with Caitlin but their group wanted to leave pretty early. We went to Taco C ate then I came home and crashed until like 3PM today.

Caitlin left this morning, I didn't see her. She comes home for Thanksgiving, so that will be nice.

I'm about to crash!

2 weeks from Tuesday is my biiirthday!!!

Love you!

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