Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love change. Change of the seasons, change of what a store carries, change of friends, change of scenery. Okay you catch my drift. Well this caused me to change my blog, yet again. I just love changing things. I feel like it has a more "fall" attitude to it. I kind of like it, thoughts?

Last night I saw an aswer to prayers.

Let's back up to summer 2009. I introduced my best friend to one of my friends, and they hit it off. I was excited because both loved the Lord and were amazing. Well fast foward to the end of the summer, he kind of just got scared and told her he needed space. It is not october and they have barely spoken. And he had been avoiding me at all costs. Well we were on facebook yesterday and began having a conversation that I had prayed would happen. I asked him if he was dating this girl that I always see him with and he said yes and no and explained that it would be official this weekend. I got hurt because he never really tied up lose ends with me and my best friend. The situation was handled very immaturly by him, we think. Anyways, the news kind of hurt me for my best friends sake because she still likes him. Anyways, we started talking and I told him that it hurt me that we really haven't been friends since school started. I've done my part and tried and stuff but he just didn't have an interest and I was hurt. So last night I just tell him straight up how I feel. And I told him it would've been nice for you to tell us yourself about your plans to date this girl and he was like why do I need y'alls permission. I told him it wasn't that, it was the fact the situation from the summer wasn't cleared up. He was like I honestly thought it was. I told him if you were still avoiding me, it obviously wasn't cleared up. He agreed. We came to the decision to meet up and just talk next week because I want to be his friend, the girl he's going to date is in Phi Lamb with me so I will be seeing him at social events etc. I just don't like being at odds with someone I once cared about and have so many memories with. Caitlin agreed that we did need to talk. She's so great, and I'm so glad that since she's moved our friendship is still strong. But I had been praying for me and Michael to resolve our issues and it finally started last night, and it was something that I was so excited for. God is so good and faithful. :) So continue praying for me, Michael and Caitlin's situation because I know I would like to be friends with him again and be able to have someone I can count on.
Y'all are the best!!

On another note, I love that at Breakaway we are going through the book of James. It's such a good book and I'm learning a lot. Ben Stuart is amaziiing.

I can't believe October is like here, this semester is flying by!!

I have only 2 more months of being a teenager! WHOOP! :)

I love you guys!


“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ,”-Philippians 1:9-10

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