Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Here's an exert Ben Stuart used tonight:

I recently read a quote from Joni Eareckson in my Bible study that said:If I could, I would take this wheelchair to heaven with me. Standing next to my Savior, Jesus Christ, I would say, “Lord, do you see this wheelchair? Well, before you send it to hell, I want to tell you something about it. You were right when you said that in this world we would have trouble. There’s a lot of trouble being a quadriplegic. But you know what? The weaker I was in that thing, the harder I leaned on you, and the harder I leaned on you, the stronger I discovered you to be. Thank you for the bruising blessing it was, this severe mercy. Thank you.”

WOW!!! What if we all began to view our suffering, be it physical, emotional, relational…as a Bruising Blessing, a Severe Mercy - our scars, wheelchairs, bald heads…all reminding us of God’s sovereignty?!?! Yes, when we live our lives in complete submission to our creator we can look at each and every scar as a Sovereign, Sanctifying Scar. A scar that, because of God’s complete sovereignty and his ability and desire to rid us of our sin, helps to lead us into the enjoyment of having a right relationship with God. There in lies the true blessing of being bruised. Each blessing is found amidst the deep, indescribable relationship that develops between you and God as you trust in him. Lean on him and he will turn your “Valley of Baca” into a place of springs!

The journals of a woman, who loves the Lord, who died at age like 24 I believe. This is her story.

It's amazing.

God used her in some great ways.

I ask you pray for the Fisher's as they are dealing with the loss of their daughter and wife this week.

Love you


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