Sunday, September 20, 2009

I never Blog..


I'm so busy! I went to the game this weekend in my t-shirt dress..I thought it was cute. meh.

We won, and looked like crap!

Tomorrow is my first small group meeting and I found out tonight that I'm with Catie Colvin!! I'm so freakin' excited. God's so good!!

I made cupcakes and the girls first name letter initial painted with stripes with their fave color! :)

I'm reading and laughing so hard...

here's one or two or a few..

Today, at lunch, they were serving chinese food with fortune cookies. My fortune said that I should expand my horizons. Thinking that was a silly fortune, I went back for another. It read "second tries will prove fruitless." Well done, Cookie. MLIA.

Today, at work at a Starbucks, I had just made two coffees, one for Jacob and one for John. Even though it's policy to call out which ever one was ordered first, I switched them and called out, "John, Jacob". To my excitement, another customer finished with "Jingleheimer-Scmidt". MLIA

No matter how much I love MLIA, I sometimes have trouble believing the stories because they are all about Harry Potter or light sabers. This morning, though, I walked up to my school at 6:45 AM to see a huge circle of students around two boys who were having a light saber duel. I take it back MLIA, you are legit. MLIA.

peace, and love.

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