Saturday, September 5, 2009


This weekend has been amazing up until tonight.

I hung out with Ayla and Valorie today and met Val's friend Sydney, whom I LOVE. Well her roommate, who Sydney rode down from DFW with, calls about 1AM and asks if we can pick her up and her friend because they are drunk etc. I said yeah because I HATE people driving drunk. These kids are stuck up brats, who think they are invincible. Like it breaks my heart, and the topic of losing people in wrecks and stuff got brought up and when I told them I've lost roughly 15 people in 4 years, this one girl laughed. I almost started crying. A week from this coming Tuesday it'll be 3 years since Ed died. Death isn't fun, and it's hard as hell to go through. I hate grieving and I want so badly to get over his death but it's not easy and it's hard as hell.

I miss Ed so much and tonight I got a glimpse of being young and stupid, but this time I was the adult in the situation and it got me thinking. Life is way to precious.

Love you.


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