Monday, August 31, 2009


Today for A&M and Blinn students it is the First Day back to school, and for most this day is exciting. The one day out of the semester. New books, new clothes, and new teachers. But the "new" will be worn out by Friday. School is just a drag for most of us, I mean we've been going since we were 5 and we are now what, 20? 15 years of school...that's a lot of schooling.

Sometimes I get sick of school but the beginning of each semester is the best because everything is "new." I love it. I am praying that this semester goes extremely well. I'm not taking tons of hours, nor hard classes, so I should be okay. We shall see.

I can't believe how fast summer went by. It's gone, which is crazy. I feel like May was yesterday and then bam summer is over. Hopefully the semester will go by just as fast!!

I'm not fighting parking at Blinn or A&M so I've decided I'm just going to ride the bus! :)

Well I'm off to work a little, then go to an appointment, then class, then work, then Phi Lamb reunion dinner!! :)

Have an amazing first week back Ags!

Love you guys!


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