Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost with no directions anyone?

Most of the time when you get into your car you are on a mission to go to a specific place. At some point you had to get directions to the place you are going. Whether they are on the seat next to you, some lady is telling you to turn right on your GPS, or someone is giving you directions someone has to know how to get there. I guess this is true in life. You have to have a road and a direction before you can go anywhere.

Tonight my parents and I talked and at first it was kind of bitter but it got better. I think we're getting better, I hope so anyways. I love my family so much more than I show and I'm realizing that. They mean the world to me because they will always be behind me no matter what.

Caitlin is leaving sooner than I'm realizing I think. It's crazy how fast this summer has gone by. I've talked about it before but if you stop and think about it, does it not feel like we just got out of school? I mean I took summer one and that seems like yesterday, but other times like a million years ago (okay maybe not a million, you catch my drift). Life is going by SO FAST. We're growing up, it's so scary. I'm learning how to do things I thought I would never learn how to do.. It's weird but kind of cool. Seems like 3 years ago was so long ago but it really wasn''s going to be hard this next month. I can do it though.

Back to the Caitlin thing. Most of me is scared. I feel like our friendship has gone through a lot this summer but overall it's really become something great. I love that girl so much, and she's helped me through so much, I don't know who or where I'd be with out her. I am praying to find a girl here, hopefully Katie B, that I can hang out with and have that accountability with. This is where Phi Lamb comes into play. I'm so excited about this year. I know that Phi Lamb will be a place where I can be honest and open and it'll be great. Speaking of, Alli Dyerrrr comes to town soooo soon. I'm so pumped!! I know that everything will be alright... :)

I'm kind of nervous about the fall because I have to do well in school, but I know I can do it. I'm capable of so much if I just set my mind to it.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to bed my head is pounding from crying. blargh!

Love you guys!!

Kassie :)

5 things to be happy about today:
-the movie the sandlot
-snow in south texas
-gumball machines
-spelling your own name wrong
-an ending being a beginning in disguise

I like these 5 today....good movie, experienced it, love them, done it, and this is a tricky but awesome one.

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