Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God is so good.

Last night God really got to me again. I was completely broken last night and I just turned to him. He showed me so much last night. Caitlin and I are going through similar situations and I feel like the Lord is just using us for each other to keep us accountable to him. Like it's so great what the Lord is doing in both of our lives. I just wanna be used by him in the fall and change our school for his Glory. He's so faithful!

On a different note, I got attacked today in a wall post on facebook saying I basically couldn't impact Texas A&M. That really hurt me because that's my purpose being on campus, to impact Texas A&M for the greater good. And for someone who doesn't even know me to tell me I can't bothered me. I feel like I've already made a slight impact because I know everyone, and am so friendly and love on people hopefully showing people that there's something so much bigger I'm living for. :) I will impact Texas A&M in my next 3 err 4 years. :P

Lastly, I'm in complete love with life. God is showing me so much and blessing me, and I hope to continue living for him. :) He's so good and faithful to those who trust him!

Loving you!


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