Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently, I was surfing the internet (who says that these days..hmm guess I do..) and came across a few interesting blogs. They make you think. I hope you take the time to read them.
*NOTE* I didn't write these.... :)

1. The Effects of Texting and You

Personally, I think the acting of "texting" comes most into play when one is involved in a relationship. Most of us have heard of the joking phrase "textually active," but this statement probably rings true more than we give it credit for. Sure, there are those couples who can expect as little as a "have a good day!" text & be perfectly fine, but then there are those (and probably the majority) couples who expect to talk via text messaging for literally the entire day...when does this become too much?
My mom has always said "you kids are too in touch. Back in my day we didnt talk to each other for days!" What she's trying to say here is that "back in her day" relationships were based upon trust. These days, if we aren't talking to our significant other we're wondering what they're a sense, texting is making us come across as exactly how we DONT want to come across - ding! ding! - CLINGY. You guessed it.
So here's my question for you - do you think your texting with your significant other strengthens your relationship with them or actually hurts it? &, in your experience, have you ever had a relationship helped by texting...or, you know, hurt?

2. Happiness vs. Contentment

When I was small, happiness came in the form of a swing. I loved swinging! Mostly because of the way it makes you feel, like you were untouchable, for a few minutes you could taste the sky. I guess in a way, swings were the first form of legal highs a child could experience and the queues were just as long and brutal as the kinds you would normally find outside a local crack house; filled with both excitement and fear. Anyway, the point is, the swings were magical, we laughed and laughed the higher and higher we got and when you finally reached the highest point there was nothing more to do but jump; this is of course if you weren’t chicken. ;)
That was happiness... Today, a girl like me has handed in her swinging blisters for contentment. Why? Because it lasts longer. For many, being happy is scary because we’ve always been taught that whatever goes up must come down and while it’s okay and wonderful to enjoy the ‘ups’ we are also always; just like when we swing, aware of the fact that at some point we’ll be heading down and that’s okay, isn’t it? That’s why I think that when Benjamin Franklin wrote ‘pursuit of happiness’ he was onto something. (Haha actually Thomas Jefferson wrote that, but to all of you who didn't notice, shame on you!) Anywho, the word pursue is the same as seek, haunt, and chase and maybe he didn’t use capture and keep for a reason. For a lot of people, happiness is like an ice cream on a hot summer day, we pursue it, then enjoy it for as long as it lasts, well aware of the fact that soon it will be no more, and when that time comes all we’ll have left is the coolness it leaves in our bodies. In other words; the contentment.
So never be afraid of the happiness you might find in for example; a new relationship, a baby or any positive change but instead, embrace it and enjoy it and when that rushing feeling of adrenaline finishes rushing through your body, sit back, relax and look upon it like the setting sun and know that though it sets, it will rise again soon, and in the meantime, be content.

3. Actions Speak Louder than Words

A simple phrase can live with someone for years with an action behind it. Promises to me are sacred. They're something I won't do to get myself out of a tight spot. I try my absolute hardest to make sure that when i do give a promise, I can actually fulfill it. I'm often referred to as: blunt or truthful. I'd rather be called a female dog than a liar.
However, for there are many who do not have the same set of morals as I do, it doesn't mean as much or hardly anything at all. Words are meaningless without action. With action, words come to life and imprint themselves in your very being. If you're in a relationship that the word "love" is constantly flung around, what does it mean anymore? Saying it so often takes away the meaning, strips it of it's important ties to our emotions, so why do it?
We think that it assures the other person or perhaps yourself that you believe in what you say, but who knows unless we see action? They say they love you, but do they remind you without words? They say they'll meet up with you someday, but do you actually meet up with them? What's the point? Or maybe you say things because they sound pretty, will make them happy. Here's the blunt truth made specially from uniquely me: I don't love you, I don't hate you, and I'll never meet up with you.
So the truth hurts, how about the embarrassment and hurt from finding out you've been lied to all along? Fast and quick like a band aid makes the pain less, makes it over quicker. Get something off your chest, go at it. If you know you don't love someone, please don't hurt them more and lie to them.
"Talk the talk, walk the walk." It's all too irritating to hear someone talk about punching someone else in the face 24/7 when you know they won't. If you're not going to do it, please just shut your mouth.
I hope that people will actually make their promises come true, keep people from disappointment, follow their words with action. If you're not brave enough to do the action, then you're not worth the words.
Don't try on words and see how they fit in the long run. If they're too big, work out and fit into them. Work hard to make promises come true. How can you judge a man entirely? If you're thinking of appearance, of their look on the outside... Consider the following: Beauty fades, truth is forever. You judge a man by how well he holds his words, how well he holds you with sincerity.
If you throw around words like: love and hate, what does that say about you? Don't trash the language that makes beautiful literature, don't trash trust for the future generation. Words are meant for communication, why would you waste time, words, on someone you don't even love or hate?
I hope to help bring back the meaning of words. Instead of separating them from actions, they'd coincide in perfect harmony. Both working to change the world together. In this time however, it seems impossible to even conceive the idea of a world leader that's sincere in his words. Words isn't what changed the world... actions changed the world. Actions change every single one of us everyday.
Embrace your words. Make your dreams come true. Tell yourself you'll make your future bright and then do it. Try your hardest, don't run away from your problems, you promised.

Hope your week is ending well! :)


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