Thursday, August 20, 2009

Irony is sweet, isn't it?

I didn't know how to feel after todays events...let me explain...

I'm walking out of my office at about 5:10 to go home and guess who's walking right next to me to exit the building?! One of Michael's fraternity brothers...I was kind of in shock. The conversation was as followed:

"I didn't know you worked here," He said in utterly shock.
"Yeah, since July. Where do you work?" I asked in reply, I of course was shocked.
..more small talk..
He is a gentleman and open the doors for me, my hands are full. And such. Well we start to leave and this is the conversation that I ended with:
"Hey Have a good night! Crazy you work here!" I said
"You too." He said
(this is in essence, not exact words but you catch my drift..)

We were both in shock still...It was ridiculous, because there's a back story but I don't feel like publishing it online...but nonetheless that was my shock of the day. But I was nice, and civil because no matter how hard of feelings I have to him or anyone else Christ calls us to love.

I called Caitlin and she thought it was hilarious, which it totally was. But the fact of the matter is, I was nice because I don't see a point in holding grudges. I don't know, the last week God has taught me so much.

Trust. I'm learning to trust in Him and give him situations that I know I can't handle. I've been praying to him more and just trying so hard to live right. It's a great thing.

Tonight was a fun night with Valorie and Ayla. I am pretty ridiculous, they would confirm. I tried to convince Valorie Russia is in Africa...long story. And I threw out ice cream because it was white...another long story. It was a good night. We semi-watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. Seems like a good movie. I love those girls, and am glad Phi Lamb brought us to be friends. Again, God is so great. :)

Anyways, I'm about to go to bed. FRIDAYYYY tomorrow. :)

Oh and for those who don't know..I'm apparently "Kassie the crazy, psycho one." Gotta love it. :)

5 Things to be Happy About today:

trespassing. ice. the presidential veto. twinkies. books.

Dreaming always,

Kassie :)

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  1. "I threw out ice cream because it was white."

    You racist. ;]