Sunday, August 16, 2009


Recently I was reading someone's blog and it talked about bam moments let me share.

A guy has been running to to stay in shape and has lost 27 lbs then..
he steps on glass and can't run for awhile.

A child excels in school and a teach said they should be in the gifted and talented program then..
Her scores aren't good enough for the GT program

A guy has never drank a lick of alcohol in his life then..
He fell into peer pressure and drank.

Something is going right in my life then..
Something bad happens and it's ruined

In these BAM moments we should seek God. God would never give us anything we couldn't handle. God is mighty to save and we forget this. So in those BAM moments, we need to not get angry, upset, or bitter but praise God because something good will come out of it. For instance, the drinking situation happened to one of my friends, and he realized he didn't need to be apart of a team, so he quit. We talked briefly about it, and it was in his best interest. I think that's a time where you say thanks God for showing me early that I didn't need to be apart of that. In my life Friday night I guess made me aware that Michael and I's relationship was not healthy and not something I needed. And it got taken away, but the more I pray about it, and look at it the more I realize it was for good. God is sneaky, but so great.

This morning in Church Chris presented 2 Timothy 4:1-2 and it really awakened my eyes. He was like if we knew Christ was coming back tomorrow at 3PM we'd be in our Sunday Best until then and do things right because we knew he was coming back. But why aren't we like this all the time? Christ could come at anytime so we should live each day like he's coming back that day. Last night I took it upon myself and deactivated Facebook. I spend entirely TOO MUCH time on there. On the way home from church/lunch today I just prayed to God asking him that every time I have the urge to get on there that I would seek him out and fellowship with him and grow the relationship that means the most to me, with my savior. Facebook is of this world and we are called in the bible to NOT be of this world. We are to be of Christ. Facebook caused some issues with my family, and my friendships and I learned that I'm sick of that. So until I get right with God, and my family, Facebook isn't something I need. If people need to get ahold of me, they can email me, call me, something. But Facebook isn't the answer. So this is going to be a test of how strong I am, but I know through Christ I can do it.

Pray for me as I struggle with this, but I know that by Christ anything is possible!

I love you guys!

Kassie :)

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