Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm famous!!

Check out this:

Page 51, this make me so happy! haha!

My sister and brother return from Church Camp's been nice without them for a week..haha :P

I start work Monday..I don't know how thrilled I am about it..I mean a jobs a job right. Especially one that you make decent money at. I just didn't get the schedule I wanted. I wanted Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays off..but I'm only off Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday because I wanted those days off so I could travel on weekends...So I'm already looking for a new job..haha.


Help Me Believe
Donna Stuart

All that I’ve done and all that’s been done to me
drove nails through Your hands hard and fast to the tree.
And the lies that I live and the shame in my story
You covered with blood for Your Name and Your glory.

Jesus help me believe. Jesus help me receive
that this girl You’ve created You have redeemed.
Lord help me believe this. Lord help me receive
that this daughter You’ve rescued,
You’ve washed her clean.

So I raise outstretched arms with my knees to the earth,
and I bow low my heart for in You is my worth.
And I SHOUT from this mountain great JOY in my soul
In You I am whole!

And when I am tempted to believe something less
I run to Your WORD embracing forgiveness
Thank You for Loving and
Thank You for healing me.

How AWESOME and true are these lyrics. I am a daughter of the King and he's washed me clean. I so often forget this.. He loves me and forgives me because I'm a daughter of his. I need to shout Hallelujah more!!

I love my God!!

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