Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm 19.5

June 1st is my half birthday making me now, 19 and one half. Kind of cool, but kind of lame because my parents treat me like I'm 5. Like I was supposed to be home tonight at midnight, and I came at one and I know my mom's gonna throw a fit. Like seriously, I haven't seen any of my friends in a week and we were all catching up. I'm def. not in HS anymore. So frustrating, the one night I wanna go out, and hang out, I'm late. Whatever. 

I decided to take a summer school class because I can't find a job, might as well do something productive. I'm gonna take English with Caitlin, and then just sit in on Mr. Shoemaker's class since we'll be carpooling. I love government, I'm such a nerd.

So I'm feeling a lot less stressed about some things, but the whole parents thing is about to drive me like freakin' crazy. I swear.

Talked to Gary, my old GM at Rudy's today begging him and making him feel bad for me so I can come back. We'll see how that goes, I'm gonna go talk to Jarrad about why I quit and hopefully win him over! haha.

My iPhone will NOT stay charged. While, yes I may be on it 24/7 I feel like after one phone call it's dying. URGH!

Well....Monday is over, now on to Tuesday. My last day before school. Oh the joys of college sometimes.

5 things to be Happy about:
-the last cookie
-the first and last days of school

Love you:)

Yours and His,

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