Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding? Wait, what?

Lately, the topic of marriage has come up way to often for me. Me and Caitlin started talking it about it the other day, and it weirded me out. Like idk it's crazy to think that we could have met the person we're going to marry or we'll meet them in the near future. It blows my mind, I'm 19 and half years old, I never thought I'd see this day. Then again, I don't feel like I'm ever going to see 21. haha. Time is flying by......

In other news, this guy I had a thing with Fall Semester, Brad, is back in my life. It's quite interesting. Just sucks he lives in Dallas. I think there's potential with us for real this time. It was messy last semester, but I think us talking more has helped a lot. He's great. =) I'm really excited about the future. :DD

I got recommended for hire at a place today..we shall see what comes of that. I want a job so I can go see braddd.

I went to the Apple Store today and they wanted to charge me $430 to fix my MacBook..So once I get a job I'm just gonna save up and buy a new MacBook pro..because it'll end up being better in the long run!!

BCS vs. Playoffs is my research topic and it's very interesting. I love it.

Okay bed time.

5 things:

using the excuse, "everyone else is doing it, mom." summer. gumball machines. rings that cost a quarter. silly putty.

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