Sunday, June 14, 2009

2 years and 9 months.

September 15, 2006 was 2 years and 9 months ago today. I know people think I should be over it, but every 15th of the month I realize he's still gone. It's so hard. I'm in tears right now just thinking about it. I drove home, right past the house he grew up in hoping to see his car, and it wasn't there. I miss him so much. He was an amazing guy. I love his family and was SO glad to see them after Spring Break even if I wasn't all there because of surgery. Anyways, I really miss him. You know the grieving process is so long, and you have good days and bad. Today is definitely going to be a bad one. I just am so emotional about it. I really haven't been this emotional about his death in awhile. I don't know but it hit me tonight. I guess it's just still hard to talk about.

I miss him a lot, and I absolutely CAN NOT wait to see him again. I don't know, blogging makes me feel better.

I love y'all.

I'm gonna write Ed a letter:

Dear Special Ed: I miss you. I remember you playing basketball with Chris outside your house and I'd stop and roll my window down and give you hell. Love it. You are one of my heros in my life. I love how you were so giving you drove to pick up your friends at prairie view. If you were selfish you might be here now, but that's not who you are. you are the most giving guy I know. I miss you sooo much. Haha I'm laughin at the memories of the training room we have. wow good times. you were such a man after god's own heart and I loved that. Haha You drove me home one day and exposed me to "black" music and I still remember that drive. It was weird but hilarious. good times. I know you're watching over us in heaven and I'm so excited to see you again!! I know you're parents are too. they are great by the way. I saw them the week after spring break and they are doing so well. Dudeeee Chris is HUGE!! He's looking more and more like you, it's scary, but really neat. He's become a nice young man. Haha. Him, Abs and Kimmie are still friends. Since Kindergarden, I think? Crazy huh!! :) Your parents still own the house, just renting it right now. I hope they move back one day!!! College Station is still lame, and such. Mr. Fox left after I graduated, yes I graduated, weird! I know. they are building our 2nd high school as we speak,weiiiird!! College Station has changed so much in 2.9 years. You wouldn't recognize it probably!! Just thought I'd update you. I love yoU!! Miss you!! Kassie :)

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