Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two feet? Or a half foot?

Do you ever get into a predicament and want to just put both feet in it, and just take a risk? But then your conscience kicks in and tells you no, put a half foot in then eventually work up to both feet?

This situation is going on right now, I so badly want to put both feet in, but I know I don't need to. I mean I just am confused right now because I just want to know what's going to happen! (Hey God if you just wanna speed up time, that'd be freakin' fantastic. Love you!) I just need to tell myself that slow is the best, especially if you're counting on the future. So hard, but so true. I just need to breathe and late little Ms. Fate do her thang, if you know what I mean.

Last night was phenomenal, it was one of those first in my life, kind of nights (get your mind out of the gutter, k thanks.) I'd rather not go into complete detail, but it was incredible. I got emotional at the end because it's nice to have those kind of nights, ya know? Scared about what's to come? You bet. But I'm excited about it. I just don't want to screw it up, but I don't know for some reason I have a good feeling about this, and it makes me so incredibly happy. SO HAPPY. I just really hope I don't screw up an amazing thing in my life.

I've come to the conclusion I am so much better at writing things down then speaking. People think it's weird, but it's just me. I feel like words give us more vivid details, and the words used can make you feel like you're there. This is why I think I'd much rather text than talk, and blog than IM. I just can express myself so much more deeply through words.

By the way, Valentine's Day is an excellent movie, and worth 4 dollars. Go see it. :)

Thursday is here, and it's my first Casting Crowns meeting, and I'm kind of freaking out! I'm so excited!! :) God's definitely going to use this I hope!

Campaigning is almost here, but I don't really know how much of it I'll be doing this year. I really need to focus on school and work. REALLY.

Anyways this is just a little bit inside the crazy mind of Kassie :)

love you guys.

see you soon.


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