Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well Hello there

How are you doing today?

Have you been outside today? Have you seen God's glory? It's around us everywhere! God is so goood!

My family leaves Friday for Florida as does Caitlin for Angelo. I'm not too thrilled to be alone for like 3 days. Blargh! I'll have Muffie and Buddy though. haha.

Lately, I've been running into tons of people from HS and it just bothers me how down hill their lives are. I wanna be like WHY ARE YOU THROWING YOUR LIFE AWAY, STUPID?!! But I'm just gonna pray for them.

I wanna dye my hair a reddish tone, I know crazy right. Haha. :)

I haven't talked to Brad in awhile but I don't know, It's in God's hands, if it's gonna happen it will. But I did meet this other guy... and we've been talking a lot...He lives in ATX though..We shall see!

I start TEEX tomorrow! YAY!! So i'm gonna go to bed!

Love you!


5 Things:

laughing at something that happened yesterday. girls night outs. a night with the guys. popcorn. airports

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