Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just another day...

It's already WEDNESDAY! Where did the week go? Summer is flying by! I'm about to start my 4th semester in college..I can NOT believe it!!

I'm so ready for football season, Phi Lamb and everything else to start back up! Can't believe how fast summer 2009 has gone by.

I plan on getting good grades this year, I mean I did make an "A" in my English class this summer! WHOOP! :)

Do you ever feel like God's just talking to you but you don't listen? I've felt like that this week. I'm coming to the realization that God's just trying to show me how much He loves me by using my Parents. I know they want the best for me, but it's like sometimes they are just all in my life and won't let me live it, ya know?

Part of me is worried about the fall because I'm gonna have a lot on my plate, but at the same time I'm driven right now. I want nothing more than to make a 4.0 and accomplish great things. I'm so ready to officially get into my major of choice. I'm so ready to get my Aggie ring and graduate. I'm SO READY!! Yes, I am indeed only a sophomore, but I feel like college is dragging on, but some days flying by. I'm going to be 20 in 4 and a half months, that's crazy. No long a teenager. A year and 4 months? I'll be 21, that's weird. I can't believe it. A girl I've known since 7th grade is getting married in Septemeber, I can't believe that. Where is time going? Slow or Fast? I really can't make up my mind.

I don't think I'll be getting out of CS this summer at all, first summer in a long time. But part of me is glad, I mean deep deep deep down I love this town. But on the surface I'm pretty sick of it. Living at home for the next year will be interesting, although I know it'll help me do better in school.

I'm really excited about Breakaway and Phi Lamb. I really hope I get into a good cove group, heck I might be a cove group leader. I haven't decided. But I'm so excited about fellowshipping with those girls. I know the Lord has some great plans ahead.

These are just my ramblings for the day. I'm at work, getting off at 5. I love my job, it's so laid-back and I love it. :)

Caitlin won't be here this weekend, so I'll probably clean out my apartment and get all my stuff back home. Aaron Watson is in town this weekend, and while I want to go, I don't feel like spending 15 bucks on a ticket.. So I'll probably just catch up on sleep.

These are my thoughts, simple yet so complex.

I hope you are having a great week!:)

5 things to be Happy About Today:
1. chewing gum
2. someone paying for your lunch out of the blue
3. getting an unexpected phone call
4. the sound of a crying baby
5. the quietness that happens on Christmas Eve


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