Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Music

Do you ever just have something in your life, maybe it's a person, who just has a hold of you?

Lately the theme song in my life is "A little bit Stronger" by Sara Evans. I'm obsessed with it. It talks about how a relationship just ended, and how the girl is finally just getting over it. And day by day she gets a little bit stronger. I totally relate.

Another current obsession is Miranda Lambert's "Heart like Mine." The chorus is this:
‘Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine and I bet we’d get along just fine. He could calm a storm and heal the blind and I bet He’d understand a heart like mine. ♥
I seriously can relate to that. Jesus is the only person that can understand my heart. The song is about Miranda's life, and it's really good. She's super talented. It talks about her faults and how that Jesus would accept her for who she is no matter what she does. I totally can relate!

Another song that's amazing is called "Raymond" by Brett Eldridge. If you listen to the song you can figure out the video, it's about a lady with Alzheimers. It's pretty sad, but so good! Such a good song.

Just a few of my current life songs right now. Music speaks where words fail. :)

Have a fantastic week!


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