Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who is Second?

So the UT vs. OU game is this weekend and in conjunction with that the ministry Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy did some videos...and they are remarkable men of the Lord.

Colt McCoy, UT's QB and a high contender in the Heisman Race, is an amazing man of the Lord. In his video he talks about success and that the world measures it so differently than than success with Christ. God is first, everything else is second.

What is success? To the world, it involves winning, Heisman Trophies, All Americans, getting paid and making it to the NFL. "For me, I'm successful because I have Jesus Christ living inside of me," says Colt McCoy, starting quarterback for the University of Texas.

Here's the video:

Sam Bradford, winner from last year, is another amazing man of the Lord. He talks about how the Lord has given him his talent and without him he wouldn't be on the football field.

"The minute you start to think that you're first and your plans matter more than God's is the minute your life starts to go the wrong way." Oklahoma University's starting quarterback, Sam Bradford

The video:

The two of them together:

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