Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week.

The weekend went by entirely too fast. It was a great weekend, nonetheless. I mean minus Consol losing, the Ags losing. It was still a good weekend.

Friday: Worked all day, had two appointments, then went with my family to Belton to see the Consol vs. Belton game but what was more important was I met up with Steven after the game. :) It was good to see him, and I'll see him again on Halloween! :)

Saturday: Woke up entirely too early, headed to all the game day activities up on campus. I then met up with my Phi Lamb sisters to go to the game with them! :) It was so fun. The Ags stayed in the game the whole time, then OSU just kind of won. We then all went to Rudy's to eat. Me, being the baller I am, got all of my food for free. I just love the fact that people who work there now still know who I am. word. Then I went home and rested. Then Valorie and I decided to have a girls night out, and it was nothing short of amazing! :) Saw the movie "Love Happens" it was really good. I cried, but I cry in every movie. hehe.

Sunday: Went to church this morning, came home and ate, then slept til like 8:30 tonight. I was so tired.

This weekend was fabulous!

Now onto school this week..bleh!

Love you! :)


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