Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm crying for no reason. I'm upset for no reason. WHY?!

I thought things were going well in my life. I made up with a friend last night, well we were cool for a few days, but we talked about it and we're going to lunch tomorrow. Awesome right? God rocks.

Casting Crowns is 16 days, you know, no big deal. Wrong. I'm super stressed and nervous, I wanna do good because this could help me get a job in the future!! Pray for me! The lady from KSBJ comes up tomorrow and we get to tour Reed then go to lunch. Pray for a good conversation, and a great time!

Just pray for me to not be stressed, and to start getting a normal sleep pattern. This sleep pattern is effing me up right now. :(

Just pray for me and relationships in general. Family, friends, boys, girls, teacher, whatever. Pray for me, I need guidance in those.

God never ceases to amaze me though, he's surrounding me with great people, and I really need that. And he's answered a prayer about another job! :)

Lord, put me where you want me. This means school, work, relationships. Use me, put me there. Help me tame my tongue, and speak positive about people and build them up. Help me put you first, and other first. Anyone but me first, help me not be selfish. Help me live for you better. I love you Jesus. Thank you for all you are. I love you! Amen

Thanks for reading guys. I love you guys!

Your glory fills the sky,
a great and holy light
Shining like a million stars,
I'm amazed by who you are
Lord we lift you high,
Oh God be magnified
You have overwhelmed my heart,
I'm amazed by who you are


Their CD that came out in October is fantastic, I'd recommend you all buy it!


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