Monday, January 18, 2010


I started making a list of things to be happy about...because I think so often we forget to be happy and we take many of these things for granted. I posted this back in July but it's always a good reminder, and will make you smile a little bit, promise.

Things to be happy about.

haircuts. chapstick. sunscreen. straws. Vaseline. math. english. the last cookie. the first and last days of school. rambling. mumbling. thingamabob. thingamajig. thingummy. messes. sidewalks. missing the bus. a locker close to your friends. having your picture in the newspaper. trespassing. ice. the presidential veto. twinkies. books. libraries. a new cd. unexpected phone calls from friends. the word "legit." rubber bands. paper clips. a new pen. white out. the view from an airplane. not being able to sleep Christmas eve, no matter your age. maps. shoes that become comfortable after you wear them a lot. nature. swinging. fights. making up. making out. stars. christmas lights. wrapping presents. candy. windex. windshield wipers. the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" doing laundry. girl scout cookies. teakettles. calendars. pancakes with extra syrup. blankets. being told you remind someone of someone else. being told you look like a celebrity. dollar menus. smiley faces. tickle-me-pink crayons. white crayons. crayon sharpeners. mondays. fridays. sleeping all day. staying up all night. running. dogs. cats. a new shirt. sidewalk sales. subways. the smell of rain. thunderstorms. snow in south texas. college. yelling at the tv. crying in a movie. crying over a boy/girl. sunburns. tanning. sock marks on your ankle. being told you were thought about randomly. laughing at something that happened yesterday. girls night outs. a night with the guys. popcorn. airports. disney world. dreams. pigging out. whispering. yelling. reading the cereal box. pop quizzes. dropping your pen. sharpies. being a coach potato. growing as a person. high school. the movie being better than the book. the book being better than the movie. feeling productive. being lazy. going out of the country. water guns. nerf footballs. tag. hide and go seek. slides. flying a kite when there's no wind. the SAT. high school football. hugs. awkward conversations. 8AM classes. the "real world." cleaning your room. doing the dishes. taking out the trash. the smell of chlorine. bubble wrap. a great hair day. bad hair days. new york city. grocery shopping at 2AM. wal-mart. boomboxes. me time. whoopie cushions. skinned knees. a bicycle without training wheels. fortune cookies. prom. malls. the elementary school book fair. people. shapes. big smiles. scissors. blushing. memories. shakespear. letter jackets. newspapers. new car smell. overly bumper-stickered cars. wedding invitations. wind chimes. breaking a nail. receptionists. the dentist. getting lost. strawberries and whipped cream. the child who loves to read. the last word to complete a crossword puzzle. rudolph the red nosed reindeer. construction zones. trampolines. rolli pollies. winning a drawing. bubble baths. Edward Bear: Winnie the Poohs real name. first dates. turning 16. turning 18. turning 21. driveways. colored construction paper. going school clothes shopping. homemade meals. spontaneity. random roadtrips. best friends. mirrors. your first kiss. finals. toe socks. hiding under the covers. team building activities. hearing a heart beat. a baby being born. skipping school. tv show marathons. presets in your car. seeing a movie at midnight when it comes out. high school musical. furniture stores. finding a penny on the street. monkeying around. acting like a hyena. horoscopes. using the excuse, "everyone else is doing it, mom." summer. gumball machines. rings that cost a quarter. silly putty. plato. new years eve. umbrellas. the plastic bar to separate groceries at check out. reading a magazine at the store so you don't have to buy it. babysitting. bonfires. scarves. procrastinating. planners. dry erase boards. chalkboards. name tags. Denny's grand slam breakfast. foreign exchange students. being a designated driver. laughing until you cry. an ending being a beginning in disguise. loving yourself. beginning each day with a smile and saying I am awake and grateful to be alive. bedtime stories. being tucked in. taking pictures everywhere. escalators. moving sidewalks. a long shower. the condition of a basketball stuck between the rim and the backboard. jump ropes. getting mail. watching the sun rise. the energy of a busy college town. your hometown. imagination. pushing your limits. booth or table? snowcones. boy bands. doing something your friends would describe as utterly unlike you. the purple skittles. puddles. shooting stars. detentions. journals. interstates. reading an entire book in a day. book reports. vacation bible school. ringing the bell. hearing about your parents childhood. "I told you so." the sandlot. frequently asked questions. oscar meyer bologna. black and white movies. i love lucy. passing notes in class. life before computers. catching a fly ball at a ballpark. the 100th day of school. valentine's for your whole class. slinkys. learning how to type. handwriting books. paper cuts. spelling your own name wrong. memorizing someone's phone number. obsessing. switching between coke and pepsi. pet peeves. bad drivers. getting it all over your face. "Don't forget to wash behind your ears." "Because I said so." gravity. drifting off to sleep. the spirals of a notebook. a color coordinating family. an organized closet and desk. the smell of a clean house. the clean laundry smell. out of the blue text messages and calls. the planning of your wedding when your 5. the view from an airplane. airports. as seen on tv products in stores. texting. picture messages. mani and pedis. singing at the top of your lungs in a car full of your best friends. 90s music. seeing a movie alone. going to the movies but not actually watching the movie. waking up because you had enough sleep last night. hundred dollar bills. the bible. nasa.

what are you happy about?

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