Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is where I explain

This blog is going to my explanation as to why I've been taking a random hiatus from blogging.

One simple word:


I've been working so much lately, and when I'm not working I'm sleeping. And when I'm not doing either of those two things, I'm checking the tropical disturbance in the Caribbean because in 14 days and 3 hours I'll be on a plane to CANCUN/Playa Del Carmen. Yes, Yes, you can be jealous.

I'm so excited to drink and lay on the beach with my family and good friend Ann-Marie! Life is good.

I love working for the Bombers, looove it!!

Life is fabulous basically, my cousin got engaged last night and I'm soooo freaking pumped!! I love him and his fiance is amazing!! Welcome to the crazy family Salem!! :)

Summer is flying by, like woah. Where has June gone? Or for that matter 2010??

Counting down the days until December. ;)

I hope you are doing well. This was my short and sweet catch-up on life.

How is your life?



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