Sunday, May 31, 2009


Over the course of the semester I've made a lot of choices. Some bad ones. Well I haven't found a job yet, and so my parents took my car away a few weeks ago. Well some other stuff happened and now I've moved back in with them. It sucks, but I know they care and love me. 

Went to Sunday school and Big Church this morning for the first time in awhile. I realized that getting right with God is the first thing to getting my life back on track.

Last night I found my 4th grade yearbook. I can't believe how much we've all changed. I found some of the people on facebook who didn't end up going to my HS. I'm talking to a guy who was in my homeroom class in 4th grade. Crazy how we've changed. Thank goodness for technology. 

I really want to find a job this week, I'm gonna apply to be an Aggie Bus Driver. A jobs a job, and they pay well and pay for training so why not. We shall see. 

I'm really broke, like super broke, like no money at all. blargh! 

I miss like everyone. Summer is really boring this year... I'm kind of ready for the fall to get back into the swing of things.

I have a lot to do tomorrow...gotta go figure out Financial Aid stuff and sell my textbooks back. I've been a slacker.

Every time I post from now on I'm gonna end with something I saw on another site. I made a list of things to be happy about, kind of like the little things in life. I'm gonna put 5 on here each time I blog.

5 Things to be Happy About Today:

Peace and Love.

Yours and His,

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